John Kingsley

About John

Jonathan Kingsley is VP of Software Engineering at MirrorWeb, based in Manchester, UK. His pastimes include reverse engineering, pyrotechnics, and writing musicals.

Talk Description

In this talk, he will discuss
- Practical reverse engineering for your average developer
- How to make drones come when you whistle
- Why Snap Spectacles are actually horribly overpowered
- How to shut down a school’s hallpass system using ARP sniffing
- Why even robots hate LaGuardia
- How cryptography is actually crazy magic math that cares what kind of pen you use

John McElligott

About John

John McElligott has always had a passion for helping and improving the quality of life of others. As a Marine, he was employed as a combat engineer during 9/11. Specializing in demolitions, explosives, construction and engineering, he also served as a SAW (squad automatic weapon) gunner and ultimately Squad leader. John was honorably discharged with the rank of Sergeant.

As Co Founder, Partner, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer of Royal Square Development and CEO of the Squared Collective, John spearheaded technology, marketing, community engagement and investor relations as well as being a driving force in Business and Economic Development. Helping to grow the company from 4 employees to nearly 40 in 18 short months he also worked on the acquisition and development of more than 50 properties in downtown York including but not limited to the $1,650,000 Bond Building project and most recently the $14,000,000 Market Street Revitalization Project.

Previous to co-founding Royal Square Development and Construction, John served as CEO and Founder of two tech startups, The Usic and Shootstay. John led product development, hiring of technical talent and product deployment. As the primary fund raiser, John raised close to $500,000 from Accredited Angel investors as well as institutional Funding. John is also a graduate of the Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners, Techcelerator program, with his company being the only graduate from that cohort to receive investment funding ($75,000).

John is also a sought after national speaker on exponential technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, economic development and disruption nationwide. John is currently the President of the “The Fortress Initiative”, a non-profit geared towards preparing communities for the 4th Industrial Revolution as well as the CEO of “The Fortress Academy” and “York Exponential”, a technology company that develops and leverages robotics, machine learning, and AI.

Talk Description

The world is amazing! Every day there are more and more remarkable discoveries, inventions and technologies being developed. It can seem overwhelming trying to plan for every possible scenario; trying to decipher the impact each new innovation will have on our businesses, communities, and our joint future. Industries that have seemed steady and unchanged are being rocked to their core. But for those of us willing to look deeper, we will not only begin to understand the “why’s” but will see the unique and once in a lifetime opportunities hiding in emerging technologies and philosophies. John McElligott will give us a crash course in emerging topics in technology with a focus on Robotics as well as discuss why our region here in Central Pennsylvania has not only the potential but the legacy of changing the world through Embracing Disruption.

Kevin Jackson

About Kevin

Kevin inspires and motivates everyone with whom he engages. He is a proven game-changer with a unique passion for positivity and driving excellence. Kevin holds an MBA in Accounting and Finance from York College of Pennsylvania and a BS in Economics from West Chester University. He has executive and personal experience in various industries ranging from financial services to media to sourcing and distribution to technology. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Innovation and Quality at The Wolf Organization, LLC, where he is responsible for championing large-scale initiatives that transform the business.

Talk Description

In this talk, he will discuss why It’s time to limit the negative influences in our lives, accept change and do great things with the people, places, and technology we all love!!