Best of Show

The judges will award their favorite projects these prizes. Each member of the team will win:

First Place

Google Home
Smart Light Kit

Second Place

3D Printer

Third Place

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook
$50 Amazon Gift Cards

Best YCP Hack

The Best YCP Hack prizes are awarded to the best projects that improve York College

First Place

$500 split amongst the team

Second Place

$250 split amongst the team

Third Place

$100 split amongst the team

Best Gaming Hack

This prize is awarded to the best game or game themed hack

First Place

Chroma Keyboard for each member of the team

Best Hardware Hack

This prize is awarded to the best hack involving hardware

First Place

Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone for each member of the team

Best Beginner Hack

This prize is awarded to the best made my a first time hackathoner

First Place

Arduino Starter kit for each member of the team

Kenya Lacrosse

Fostering Champions

Fostering Champions is a nonprofit in the development stage that seeks to bring sports to developing areas of the world with no access to organized sports or equipment.

We plan to develop a training model through a one-week sports camp where mentors, teachers, and other community members will be trained on how to maintain a sports program.

The proposed hack is:
Develop some type of portal or system that can be used to maintain contact with the targeted areas after the camp. This technology will be used to accomplishe the following goals:
  Provide a way of communicating with community leaders in case they need consultation on possible issues that may arise.
  Provide tracking on the development of the sports programs in the community after the camp.

To learn more, watch this video.

J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship

YCP Entrepreneurial Match Platform

A platform to connect those with ideas to those with skills. For example, a business student with an app idea can connect to an engineer that can create that app.

Key Features:
1. An easy to navigate platform with search and filter functionality.
2. Login using YCP username and password

Prize: $500 split amoung team


Data delivery system dependent on facial recognition

Write a web application that can deliver content (images, videos, and/or pages) in real time based on the data collected from an Omron facial recognition device/camera (HVC-P2).

1. The Omron HVC-P2 (device will be provided) is able to detect faces and features including gender, age, expression, direction, gaze, blinking, etc.
2. KioWare Kiosk Software (license will be provided) can be used to interact with the Omron HVC-P2 by using a simple yet powerful JavaScript API.
3. Content can be selected from a generated pool of images, videos, and/or pages to define the appropriate message for the person (or people) in front of the screen/OMRON.
4. The main goal is to attract people to want to see/use the app.
5. KioWare will provide one Omron HVC-P2 device and a license of KioWare for Windows.
6. Any source code that is written must be provided royalty free for use by KioWare in any way that is deemed useful. [Students will need to sign a waiver.] The students will also retain their rights to use the source code as well.

Prize: We will award the Omron HVC-P2 device or $200 cash to share among the team that we feel has met the goal most successfully.

York Exponential


Loomo, by Segway, is basically a Segway without handlebars, self balancing, speech and object recognition. You can create your own applications for them to run, and three will be provided. We are looking for the following:

Hack 1
An app that integrates GPS functionality, possibly from a mobile device to allow the user to ask a Loomo where to go (like an address, a restaurant name, etc.), to provide walking directions to get there and then guide them.
Prize: $1000

Hack 2
An app with two key functions: a controller (Xbox, Playstation, etc.) to control the Loomo remotely, as well as virtual reality to project what its camera is seeing (York Ex has bought two Oculus Go''s for it, too).
Prize: $750

MRG Labs

The Schneider Prize: Do something cool with the Grease Theif

This hack is up to the imagination and skills of the hackers to develop an advancement of the technology, a marketing idea or approach, or suggest a different use or application of the existing technology. The Grease Theif is a lubricant analysis device that is an effective complement to other diagnostic technologies such as vibration analysis, infrared thermography, ultrasonic detection and motor circuit evaluation.

Each team expressing a desire to compete for the prize (up to 8 teams) will receive a kit that includes a Bluetooth Nix color sensor, a set of Grease Thief sampling tools, and some background information on the current uses and marketing theme.

First Place Prize: $1000 split amoung the team.
Second Place Prize: $500 split amoung the team.